Behind Angie's Art

The sense of accomplishment and relief that's felt when you reach the top of the mountain, the rush you feel kayaking white water, the stillness you feel when diving, feeling tiny in natures expanse, while feeling big in your heart. The thrill you get when you are encapsulated doing what you love. These are the feelings that I want to invoke when you look at my art. My art is a homage to making your own trail, being fully immersed in the moment and remembering that we too are an integral part of nature.

- Angie Rad

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Tiny people. Big nature.

Isn't it grounding when you look up at the stars and realized you are a little piece of a beautiful universe? This understanding brings me to relaxation that allows me to be in the present moment. I want my art to stir up these feelings, feelings of joy, happiness and fun when you look at it. Find it in each know you want to ;)